Our Process - 6 Steps to a New Look

Step One: The Initial Image


Our initial step is to obtain a photo of the area that we are looking at to enhance .

Step Two: Clean up the Image


Almost any image can be used and with a little cleanup we have something to work with.

Step Three: The Initial Choices


The next big step is to select a group of images you enjoy.  We can help with  our Color Themed Collections.

Step Four: Let's Place the Images


Now we can work with the choices. Does one single image work best?  Does a collection of smaller images work better? 

Step Five: Decide the Medium


Now that we have our images selected should we order standard framed prints?  Acrylic Prints? Framed Canvas Prints? Something else?

Step Six: Enjoy


The hard work is completed.  It's time to sit back and enjoy your new enviromnment! Enjoy !